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Automotive Controllers

Engine FCU

Wiper control
Battery management
Door lock control RKE, PKE
Steering system EPS
Body Control BCM, Doors and Windows
Tire pressure monitoring
Transmission TCM

Automotive Sensors
Temperature sensor
Seat sensor
Wheel speed sensor
Gear sensor
Nitrogen oxide sensor
Motion detector
Oil level sensor
Angle sensor

Automotive Actuators

Throttle valve
Filter airtightness test system
Oil pump
Oil pedal
Ignition coils

Bench test

Motor Controller Bench Test System
Electromechanical loading test bench

Lighting system

Energy-saving fluorescent lamp

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JIARUI has been specializing in the automotive field, and has now established a complete technical system, including non-standard test equipment, assembly equipment and production lines, engineering services, temperature control process equipment.

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Daily project meetings ensure that any customer needs will be communicated and fed back in a timely manner

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Support customers to order completely, strive to be reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly

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Mature modules can greatly reduce costs