New Energy Vehicle Field

Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

The equipment can carry out high and low temperature alternating test on flammable and explosive battery products. When the battery is burning or exploding, the system can detect several combustion characteristics in the furnace, then start the fire extinguishing system (fire gas or water), and automatically extinguish the fire. Alarm reminder. At the same time, the system can be reused.

Device parameters
     Rated voltage: 380V/220V
     Temperature range: Defined according to customer needs
     Extinguishing media: heptafluoropropane, carbon dioxide, water, etc.
     Noise: <65dB

Key technical areas, features
     Reliable safety protection
     Battery burning feature detection
     Multiple sets of equipment integration, unified information management
     Easy to clean


  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench