Classic Automation Vehicle Field

Temperature sensor temperature impact test bench

The equipment conducts temperature impact test on the product, carries the tested sample continuously in high and low temperature environment, and tests the performance of the sample in alternating hot and cold.

Device parameters
Workstation number: 12
Heating temperature: RT~1000 °C
Heating accuracy: ±5°C
Cooling method: compressed air purging
High temperature time: 5~999S
Low temperature time: 5~999S
Conversion time: <2s
Voltage acquisition range: 0~5V
Voltage acquisition accuracy: ±0.1V
Reference Thermocouple Acquisition: 4 CHs

Key technology areas
Explosion protection and safety
High temperature control
High and low temperature fast switching
Test process monitoring


  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench