Weather resistant products

QS-WT series IPX9K water proof test box

Applied in high temperature/high pressure water spray test

Suitable standards

ISO 20653, IPX9K

IEC 60629, IPX9

GB/T 30038, IPX9K

GB/T 4208, IPX9

IEC 60068-2-18, IPX9





VW 80101, 5.5.2, IPX9K

SMTC 3 800 001, 6.13, IPX9K

DIN 40050-9, IPX9K

DIN VDE470, Part1, IPX9







Interior tank of test box manufactured by high quality and anti corrode stainless steel

Supply pump+high pressure pump working at the same time, stable flow

Water circling system, water consumption reduced to be the lowest

Continue running capacity improved the test efficiency

Servo system drive the revolve platform work

Precision electric flow meter

Multiply safety protection

Multiply safety protection

Test data curve indication

USB joggle, able to automatic record data through U-disk

Ethernet joggle, able to remote monitor and control





Reliable and stable system


A. Stainless steel water tank

B. Maintain handle valve

C. Filter

D. Supply pump

E. High pressure pump

F. Relief valve

G. High pressure pump motor




H. Bypass pressure regulate valve

I. Flow sensor

J. Pressure meter

K. Pressure sensor

L. Electromagnetism valve

M. Sector nozzle


a. High pressure pump supply pipeline

b. High pressure pump output pipeline

c. Relief valve unload pipeline

d. Pressure regulate valve bypass pipeline

e. Jet spraying pipeline

Excellent performance components

High pressure pommel pump

The stainless steel pump head which adopt special washer, able to work under highest pressure 150 bar and water temperature up to 85℃, flow exceed 20L/min




Supply pump

Self inhale horizontal type stainless steel centrifugal pump, able to continue work under 120℃, supply enough flow to high pressure pommel pump, small volume, light noise and reliable performance




Pressure sensor

Measure range 0~160bar, suitable medium temperature up to 135℃, precision better than 0.3% of full range, screw connection convenient to disassemble and binding




Flow sensor

Ultrasonic measure principle, non contact type pincers type installation, supply application with pipeline surface temperature 0~85℃, repeat measurement precision achieved ±1.5% of full range


Excellent performance components


Electromagnetism valve

Directly drive type pommel electromagnetism valve, special seal technology guarantee working temperature of valve achieved 140℃, working pressure achieved 100bar; anti vibrate coil guarantee reliable control





Spraying System WashJet high pressure sector nozzle, specially harden stainless steel material, working pressure up to 200 bar, meeting sector jet spraying angle of multiply test standard




Servo motor

Siemens SINAMICS V90 servo system, used to drive the revolve plate revolving, accurately control the speed, convenient for system wiring





Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 controller, integrated PID_TEMP function guarantee the accurate control temperature in water tank, high efficiency running capacity guarantee real time controllable of system

Practicable and safety design


Nozzle adjustment

Rod clamp blocks to fix nozzle able to freely move on the hardware rails, the rod part able to front/back move and revolve in the clamp blocks, guarantee the test able to meet different sample size; additionally, we also provided multiply length rods, able to renewal rods and achieved the purpose



Sample installation

Anti ponding type revolve platform, load bearing capacity up to 75kg (able to choice more bigger load bearing capacity), multiply linear rail convenient to install test samples; application of cable sliding ring solve the requirements of power on when sample revolving




Pressure adjustment

Special VBS-HT high temperature water bypass pressure regulate valve convenient to operate, coordinate with high precision WIKA anti shake pressure meter then can accurately adjust it to required jet spraying pressure




Water-power separated

The water-power separated design and layout accordance with factory safety requirements, avoid to happen safety accident in operating field at the same time of guarantee equipment safety running

Simple and easy operation


① Main signal of equipment and alarm trigger indication, such as power supply phase sequence, motor failure and box door signal, etc

② Water tank temperature, pipeline pressure, pipeline flow and revolve platform speed curve indication

③ Water tank temperature, pipeline pressure, pipeline flow and revolve platform digit indication

④ Running and timing of each angle nozzle indication

⑤ Test schedule indication

⑥ Equipment running information reminding

⑦ Protect type running and stop touch keys, each one operation all need be confirmed



The jet spraying time of each one nozzle able to set independently, the nozzle which jet spraying time is 0 not working

Able to set the interval time at the neighbour two nozzles, the interval time is 0 then means continue jet spraying

Able to set the interval time of each one test circle, the interval time is 0 then means continue jet spraying

 Revolve platform speed setting up to 20r/min

The max setting value of water tank temperature is 85℃ 

Each one time parameter modification only can valid after saved



* The touch screen also has the user management, manual running, alarm record and other I/O information operating interface except running monitor and parameter setting interface

Design and technical parameters




Test cave volume



Test cave size (W×D×H)

1000mm × 1000mm × 1000mm

1200mm × 1200mm × 1000mm

Profile size (W×D×H)

1500 mm × 1300mm × 2000mm

1800mm × 1500mm × 2000mm

Revolve platform size



Revolve platform load bearing 1



Revolve platform speed

0~20 r/min

The max sample size (D×H)

Φ450mm × 350mm

Φ650mm × 350mm

Water tank volume



Water tank temperature


Temperature rise time (20℃→85℃)


 Nozzle layout 2


Nozzle adjustment range


Nozzle jet spraying angle 3


Jet spraying flow range 4

0~16 L/min

Jet spraying pressure adjustment range

0~100 bar

Control system


Power supply

380V AC50Hz3/N/PE

The max power



Power supply connection

CEE aviation plug, 32A, cable length 5m

Deion water supply

10L/min, DN25 stainless steel joint

Equipment discharge water

DN25 stainless steel joint

Test hole 5

1个,Φ100mm   1 piece, Φ100mm

Equipment noise


Operating environment

Temperature 5℃ ~ 35℃, humidity<85% RH

Safety protection

Power supply phase sequence protection

Motor overload protection

Water tank overflow protection

Water tank lack water protection

Heater electric leakage protection

Heater over temperature protection

Pressure over limit protection

Open door alarm when abnormal working

1 Able to customized more big load bearing revolve platform

2 Optionally add 45° nozzle

3 Able to select other jet spraying angle nozzles, such as 15°, 40°

4 min Able to select more bigger bore nozzles to make jet spraying flow up to 20L/min

5 Able to customized more bigger size test holes or multiply test holes

Equipment size and installation



  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench