Weather resistant products

QS-ST-CSP step in type salt spray room

Applied in salt spray test of large scale samples

Suitable standards

ISO 9227

GB/T 10125

GB/T 1771

ISO 7253

GB/T 31467.37.11

JIS Z 2371


GB/T 18912

IEC 61701

GB/T 2423.17

IEC 60068-2-11

GJB 150.11A




Interior box of test adopt anti corrode PP plate, external box adopt keep warm warehouse plate

Saturation barrel pressure automatic controlled, precision sensor collect atomizing pressure

Automatic fog remove system, automatically remove fog after test finished

Door frame double layers sealed, avoid salt spray leakage

Door frame electric heating, prevent it generate condensate water and drip after opened door

Subside volume at any point in test area accordance with standard

Big volume salt water supply station meeting that test long time running

Multiply safety protection

15 colorful touch screen with menu interface

Test data curve indication

USB joggle, able to automatic record data through U-disk

Ethernet joggle, able to remote monitor and control













Reliable and stable system


A. Modularize F.R.L. air assembly components

B. Electric proportion valve

C. Air electromagnetism valve

D. Reverse stop valve

E. Stainless steel saturation barrel

F. Saturation barrel pressure barrel

G. Saturation barrel pressure sensor



H. Air atomizing nozzle

I. Salt water filter

J. Salt water balance barrel

K. Salt water box

L. Submerged water pump



Index meeting standard

Subside volume




Test box temperature: 35℃

Saturation barrel temperature: 47℃  

Atomizing pressure: 1.0 bar

Running time: continue 16hours

① 22ml

② 20ml

③ 22ml

④ 23ml

⑤ 27ml

⑥ 24ml

⑦ 25ml

⑧ 21ml

⑨ 19ml

⑩ 27ml

⑪ 24ml

⑫ 20ml

⑬ 22ml

⑭ 24ml

⑮ 20ml




Temperature distribution

Test box temperature: 47℃  

Measure method: JJF 1101

① 35.7℃

② 35.2

③ 35.8

④ 35.9

⑤ 34.7

⑥ 35.6

⑦ 35.5

⑧ 34.7℃

⑨ 35.9℃

⑩ 35.3℃

⑪ 34.9℃

⑫ 35.5℃

⑬ 34.9℃

⑭ 34.4℃

⑮ 34.7℃






Practicable and safety design


Energy supply station

The equipment required compressed air, deion water, salt water all supplied by this station

Operating platform design, convenient to lab staffs working

Salt water barrel exceed 200L meeting long time test requirements

Saturation barrel isolated installation meeting the safety requirements at water-power separated






Saturation barrel

Withstand voltage design exceed 5bar

Constant liquid level control, electric capacity type liquid level switch test liquid level, reliable and stable

Pressure protection procedure, system automatically cut off compressed air when tested the pressure exceed 2bar

Heater anti empty heating and electric leakage protection




Demisting system

Formed with fresh air valve, air venting valve and fresh air fan

Air venting valve automatically opened when equipment running test, realize the air pressure in and out of test box balance

Automatically execute the fog remove procedure after test finished, finish remove fog not exceed 5 minutes

Able to manually execute that remove fog function



Simple and easy operation

① Main signal of equipment and alarm trigger indication, such as air source pressure, salt water barrel liquid level, box door signal, etc

② Test box temperature, saturation barrel temperature and atomizing pressure curve indication

③ Test box temperature, saturation barrel temperature and atomizing pressure digit indication

④ Running mode indication

⑤ Remove fog control touch key and remove fog timing indication

⑥ Test schedule indication

⑦ Equipment running information reminding

⑧ Protect type running and stop touch keys, each one operation all need be confirmed



Running mode choice, the equipment has continue atomizing and interval atomizing function

Test total time setting, the max 99999 hours

 Test box temperature setting, the max value is 50℃

Saturation barrel temperature setting, the max value is 74℃ 

Interval atomizing need set the atomizing time and rest time

Able to process communication Baud ratio and node number setting if configured series communication

Each one time parameter modification only can valid after saved



* The touch screen also has the user management, manual running, alarm record and other I/O information operating interface except running monitor and parameter setting interface



Excellent performance components


Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 controller, integrated PID_TEMP function guarantee the accurate control temperature in test box and temperature in saturation barrel, integrated PID_Compact function realize precision control of atomizing pressure, high efficiency running capacity guarantee real time controllable of system




Electric-gas proportion valve

 Realize stepless control f the compressed air which enter into saturation barrel through electric-gas proportion signal; sensitivity 0.2kPa, linear: within ±1% (F.S); high speed corresponding, high stability




Pressure sensor

Measure range 0~4bar, suitable medium temperature up to 135℃, precision better than 0.3% of full range, realize that precision collect atomizing pressure; screw connection convenient to disassemble and binding




Magnetism coding sensor

Used to check the open/close status of box door, accordance with the highest safety level requirements in ISO 13849-1, SILCL 3 and IEC 62061




Design and technical parameters



Test cave volume

12000L(without calculate pentroof)

Test cave size (W×D×H)

2000mm × 3000mm × 2000mm (without calculate pentroof)

Profile size (W×D×H)

2920 mm × 3220mm × 2980mm (without calculate energy supply station)

Door hole size

2000 mm × 2000mm

Pentroof angle


Box door open method

Double open doors, manual

Box door sealed

Double channels seal glue strips

Test room temperature range

 Able to set, RT+5℃ ~ 55℃

Distribute deviation≤±2℃

Wave ratio≤±2℃

Test room temperature rise time

20℃→35℃less than 15 min

20℃→50℃less than 25 min

Saturation barrel temperature range

Can be setRT+5℃ ~ 74℃

Fluctuation  ≤±0.5℃

Saturation barrel temperature rise time

20℃→47℃: less than 10 minutes

20℃→63℃: less than 20 minutes

Salt water box volume


Subside volume 1

0.5ml/(80cm²·h) 3.0ml/(80cm²·h)

Fog discharge method

Natural fog discharge +automatic fog discharging

Control system


Power supply

380V AC50Hz3/N/PE

The max power


Power supply connection

 CEE aviation plug, 32A, cable length 5m

Compressed air supply

Clean, dry and non oil, pressure 4.0 bar ~ 6.0 bar, flow 600L/min

Deion water supply

10L/min, 10mm quick plug

Equipment discharge water

DN15 PVC pipe

Equipment discharge gas

DN100 PVC pipe

Test hole 2

2个,Φ100mm 2 pieces, Φ100mm

Equipment noise


Operating environment

Temperature 5℃ ~ 35℃, humidity<85% RH

Safety protection

Power supply phase sequence protection

Air source pressure alarm

Saturation barrel over pressure protection

Salt water tank lack liquid alarm

Heater electric leakage protection

Heater over temperature protection

Heater anti empty heating protection

Open door alarm when working

1 Adjust subside volume through adjust atomizing pressure

2 Able to customized test holes at other size, quantity and position


Equipment size and installation





  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench