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Equipment name:

    Salt spray test box        

Equipment model:


Controlled version:






1. Tested samples

2. This test equipment applicable

This equipment execute standard salt spray test, suitable to various products which need test salt spray corrosion

2.1. This test equipment forbid

The situation which this equipment forbid to use as below:

(1) Inflammable, explode and easily volatility mediums

(2) Be in inflammable and explode environment

(3) Strong electromagnetism launch source test environment

(4) Radioactivity test environment

(5) Corrode test environment

(6) Because no enough water proof strength during test so easily happen danger, such as electric short circuit, fire and electric leakage, etc.

3. Size and weight

3.1. Interior box size (without calculate pentroof)



3.2. External box size



3.3. Required field size



3.4. Weight



4. Performance

4.1. Equipment operating environment condition

(1) Environment temperature: +20℃ +30℃ 

(2) The relative humidity: ≤95% RH

3.2.Meet test standard

4.2. 1.Suitable to standard salt spray test

(1) ISO 9227

(2) GB/T 10125

(3) GB/T 1771

(4) ISO 7253

(5) GB/T 31467.3-7.11

(6) JIS Z 2371



(7) GB/T 18912

(8) IEC 61701

(9) GB/T 2423.17

(10) IEC 60068-2-11

(11) GJB 150.11A

(12) Other meeting test standard, refer to the below performance parameters




3.2.2.Neutral salt spray test (NSS)

Temperature: 35℃±2℃

Subside volume: 1.5ml/(80cm²·h) ± 0.5ml/(80cm²·h)

Concentration: 50g/l±5g/l

PH value: 6.5 to 7.2

3.2.3.Acetic acid salt spray test (AASS)

Temperature: 35℃±2℃

Subside volume: 1.5ml/(80cm²·h) ± 0.5ml/(80cm²·h)

Concentration: 50g/l±5g/l

PH value:3.1 to 3.3

3.2.4.Copper accelerate acetic acid salt spray test (CASS)

Temperature: 35℃±2℃

Subside volume: 1.5ml/(80cm²·h) ± 0.5ml/(80cm²·h)

Concentration: 50g/l±5g/l

PH value:3.1 to 3.3

4.3. Lab room temperature

4.3.1. Range

Settable, RT+5℃ 55℃

4.3.2. Distribute deviation

≤ ±2℃

4.3.3. Wave ratio

≤ ±0.5℃

4.3.4. Rise temperature time

20℃→35℃: less than 15 minutes

20℃→50℃: less than 25 minutes

4.4. Saturation barrel temperature

4.4.1. Range

Settable, RT+5℃ 74

4.4.2. Wave ratio

≤ ±0.5℃

4.4.3. Rise temperature time

20℃→47℃: less than 10 minutes

20℃→63℃: less than 20 minutes

4.5. Saturated barrel pressure

4.5.1. Range

Settable, 0 2.0bar

4.5.2. Control method

Automatic control

Pressure sensor+electric proportion valve formed the close ring control circuit

4.5.3. Control precision


4.6. Subside volume

0.5ml/(80cm²·h) 3.0ml/(80cm²·h)

Achieve the test required subside volume through adjust saturation barrel pressure or electromagnetism salt water pump flow



4.7. Fog discharge method

Natural fog discharging: system open the air discharge port of test cave

Automatic fog discharging: system start fresh air fan blow sweeping test cave

4.8. Control system


Test room temperature PID control

Saturation barrel temperature PID control

Saturation barrel pressure PID control

Saturation barrel constant water level PID control

Salt water balance barrel constant water level PID control

4.9. Test mode

Continue atomizing

Period atomizing

4.10. Solution box volume

100 L

4.11. Noise


5. Structure characteristics

5.1. Equipment main structure

(1) Interior box use PVC plate, thickness 5mm

(2) Use SUS304 stainless steel for PVC plate fix frame

(3) External box use keep warm warehouse plate, thickness 10mm

(4) Saturation barrel use SU304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm

(5) Double cylinders able to automatically open and close door, box cover able to open 85° angle

(6) All parts contact salt spray: non metal anti corrode materials

5.2. Salt water pump

SEKO electromagnetic metering pump, flow 0-9L/h adjustable

5.3. Standard configuration

(1) Atomizing nozzle materials is fluorine polymer material, configure filter

(2) Box door glass window

(3)  Fresh air fog remove system

(4) Water inlet filter

5.4. Special requirements configuration




5.5. Operating panel

(1) 15 touch screen

(2) Emergency switch

(3) Multiply function equipment joggle (USB, internet access, 220V power supply)

5.6. Equipment working principle




6. Main components and configuration

6.1. Salt water pump

Electromagnetism metering pump


6.2. Air proportion valve

ITVelectric proportion valve


6.3. Air electromagnetic valve

Big flow guide valve

6.4. Pressure sensor

Huba precision pressure sensor


6.5. Box door sensor

IFM magnetism code sensor


6.6. Main controller (PLC)

Siemens S7-1200 series


6.7. Electric components



6.8. Touch screen

MCGS 15” touch screen



7. Software function and operating interface

7.1. Controller model


7.2. HMI

15Touch Screen

7.3. Running parameters setting

Test time, test mode, test room temperature, saturation barrel temperature, atomizing pressure, atomizing time, rest time

7.4. Running data indication

Already tested time, test room temperature, saturation barrel temperature, atomizing pressure

7.5. Saturation barrel pressure control method

Pressure close ring control

7.6. Communication function

Ethernet joggle with local and remote communication function (provide communication agreement)

7.7. Data record and save

USB real time data records

7.8. Equipment alarm and running record

Already configured

7.9. Manual operation

Already configured

7.10. Running interface






7.11.  Subsidiary function

Not available

8. Safety protection device

8.1. Lab

(1) Heater empty heating protection

(2) Heater electric leakage protection

(3) Heating tank lack water protection

(4) Fan overload protection

8.2. Saturation barrel

(1) Heater empty heating protection

(2) Heater electric leakage protection

(3) Heating tank lack water protection

(4) Saturation barrel overload protection

8.3. Solution barrel

(1) Solution box lack liquid alarm

(2) Solution box overflow alarm

8.4. Electric system

(1) General power supply phase sequence and lack phase protection

(2) Electric leakage protection

(3) Air source low voltage alarm

8.5. Other protection

(1) Open door alarm when abnormal running to protect



9. Other configuration


9.1. General power supply electric leakage breaker

(1) General power supply electric leakage breaker

(2) AC380V, 50Hz, three phase four wire+protection grounding wire

9.2. Cable

(1) five cores (four cores cable+protection grounding wire)  cable 1 piece

(2) Remark: standard length 3m, user self prepare at exceed length

9.3. Water pipe joint

10mm quickly joint

9.4. Air pipe joint

10mm quickly joint

10. Package and transporting

10.1. Package method

Unitary wood box water proof wholly wrapped

10.2. Transporting

(1) The max unit size (without package): refer to before Profile size

(2) The max transporting weight (without package): refer to before Weight

11. Operating condition

The user guarantee the below each operating condition

11.1. Field

(1) Level ground, better air venting, no inflammable, explode and corrode gas and powder dust

(2) No strong electromagnetism radiation source around

(3) Field ground load bearing capacity: not less than 300kg/m2 

(4) Remain suitable maintain space around equipment: not less than 500mm

11.2. Environment condition

(1) Temperature: 20℃30℃ 

(2) The relative humidity: ≤85%RH

(3) Air pressure: 86106kpa 

11.3. Deion water

(1) Water temperature: ≤+40℃

(2) Water pressure: 0.5bar 3bar 

(3) Flow:>10L/min

(4) 10mm quickly joint



11.4. Compressed air

(1) Clean, dry and non oil

(2) Pressure: 4.0 6.0bar

(3) Flow:>150L/min

(4) 10mm quickly joint

11.5. Power supply

(1) AC380V three phase four wire+protection grounding wire;

(2) Voltage allowed wave range: AC (1±10%) 380V

(3) Frequency allowed wave range:1±1%50Hz

(4) Protection grounding wire grounding electric resistance less than ; TN-S method or TT method supply power

11.6. Lading power


11.7. Configure switch or socket capacity


11.8. Water discharge

DN15 PVC pipe

11.9. Air discharge

DN100 PVC pipe

11.10. Others

Not available

12. Leave factory file



12.1. Pack list


12.2. Equipment user manual


12.3. Electric control diagram


12.4. Leave factory test report (attached test data)


12.5. Product qualified certificate


12.6. Product maintain card


13. Service promise


13.1. Quality guarantee period

Freely quality guarantee 1 year

13.2. Field installation

Provide freely install service after new machine arrived factory

Note: other equipment and pipeline which not belong to our company will be buyer responsible to joint building.



13.3. Train

Provide free staff operating train and equipment maintenance rain

13.4. Maintain service

Common maintain will be arrive factory within 48hours after customer informed after sale service department of our company, emergency maintain will be arrive factory within 24hours after customer informed after sale service department of our company

13.5. Spare parts and stock

Provide spare parts list and important spare parts stock

13.6. Maintain guarantee relief terms

The below not belong to the freely maintain and maintenance guarantee range of our company:

(1) Careless operation or error caused machine damage.

(2) Self check, maintain, rebuild and unsuitable movement.

(3) Unexpected damage or failure caused by bad environment such as natural disaster, etc.

(4) Customer field condition cant meet the content which described in section 10.

13.7. Maintain after quality guarantee period

The customer can renew the maintenance agreement with our company after quality guarantee period expired, able to enjoy the service of our company with cost.


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