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QS-CW series ice water shock/immerge test box

Applied in ice water shock and immerge test

Suitable standards

QS-CWST series applied in ice water shock test

VW80000 K12

Temperature shock with splash water

ISO16750-4 5.4

Ice water shock test

GB/T 28046.4

Ice water shock test



QS-CWIT series applied in ice water immerge test

VW80000 K13

Temperature shock – immersion








Configured vertically hoist nacelle of self lock structure, safe and reliable

Test nacelle manufactured by 2205 double phase stainless steel, strong anti corrode performance

High efficiency refrigeration system, quickly cooled to appoint test temperature

Configured ultrasonic flow meter, accurately test various medium flow

High efficiency solidity electric relay temperature control, save energy consumption


Multiply nozzles able to be electric adjustment, convenient to test various specification products

Multiply safety protection, high reliable performance, suitable to long time stable works

15” colorful touch screen with menu interface

Test status and data curve indication

Suitable to multiply mediums like salt water, deion water, Arizona muddy and others


Accurate temperature and flow control system



A. Compressor

B. Air cooling condensator

C. Expansion valve

D. Titanium tube heat exchanger

E. Circling pump

F. Circling bypass adjustment valve

G. Water tank temperature sensor

H. Back pressure adjustment valve

I. Main flow pressure adjustment valve

J. Ultrasonic flow meter

K. Triplet shift valve

L. Pressure sensor




M. Jet spraying temperature sensor

N. Nozzle

O. Immerge barrel temperature sensor


a. Bottom water tank

b. Cold medium pipeline

c. Jet spraying soft pipe

d. Jet spraying hard pipe

e. Immerge water tank

Excellent performance elements


Adopt 12HP BITZER semi closed circling compressor and use R407 cooling medium, able to obtain 30kw refrigeration power at 0℃, meeting requirements at quickly generate cold ice water




Circling pump

Grundfos CMI series multiply levels horizontal stainless steel eccentric pump, meeting the requirements at various concentration salt water and sand dust medium, the max flow up to 10m3/h, low noise and reliable performance




Pressure sensor

Measure range 0~5bar, manufactured by 316 stainless steel, meeting requirements at anti medium corrode, precision better than 0.3% of full range, screw connection convenient to disassemble and binding




Flow sensor

Ultrasonic measure principle, support all test mediums include the deion water, non contact pincers type installation free to corrode, longer working life, repeat measurement precision up to ±1.5% of full range



Excellent performance elements



Gear and rank lifter with self lock function, max hoist weight up to 200kg, suitable to test large scale samples, the lifter able to paralleling work, the hoist process stable and reliable, longer working life





The nozzles meet requirements in ISO16750-4 5.4, manufactured by 316 stainless steel materials, withstand various test medium corrode




Triplet shift valve

Pneumatic executor triplet ball valve, PVC valve body, better anti corrode performance, simple and reliable operation





Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 controller, integrated PID_TEMP function guarantee the accurate control of water tank temperature, high efficiency running capacity guarantee real time controllable of system


Design at convenient operation


Nozzle adjustment

The nozzles fixed on the moveable platform, connected with DC motor through screw rod, move on the horizontal and vertical direction, configured crawl button on operating interface, convenient to adjust the jet spraying position on tested products.



Shift and share between jet spraying and immerge test

The equipment designed two containers like bottom water contain tray and immerge water tank, meeting different test requirements respectively: the equipment use immerge water tank when do immerge test, transparent water tank, convenient to observe the test status of samples; pick out the immerge water tank when do jet spraying test, remain enough jet spraying space, convenient to adjust and control the jet spraying position




Enough wiring holes, convenient to connect electrics and water circuit

Configured 4 pieces Φ100mm electric joggle and 2 pieces Φ19mm water pipe joggle, completely suit to the requirements of electric drive assembly test with load




Easy to wash

Big area of bottom water tray, adopt multiply rows water holes setting, convenient to wash and discharge water, shorten the shift and prepare time between dust contain test and non dust contain test

Simple and easy operation


Manually control function, high visual interface, visually know well about the running status and test information of equipment


Clearly automatic test control

*The touch screen also has the user management, parameter setting, program setting, drawing curve, alarm record and other operating interface except manual test control and automatic test control interface



Design and technical parameters






Shock mode

Jet spraying


Jet spraying


Nacelle volume



Nacelle size (W×D×H)

500mm × 500mm × 400mm

800mm × 800mm × 600mm

Profile size (W×D×H)

1200 mm × 1200mm × 2000mm

2700mm × 1700mm × 2450mm

Nacelle load bearing



The whole set weight



Immerge water tank volume





Test medium 1

Arizona sand dust mixed solution

5% NaCl solution

Deion water

Temperature range at preheat area

RT150 ℃

Temperature wave at preheat area

±2 ℃

The max prepare time 2 at preheat area

50 min

Temperature range of immerge&jet spraying ice water


Temperature wave 3 of immerge&jet spraying ice water

±0.5 ℃

Refrigerate method

Semi closed compressor refrigerate

Refrigerate method of compressor

Air cooling condensator/water cooling condensator

The max refrigerate power



 The max prepare time of pre-refrigerate 4

50 min

Nacelle shift time

≤10 s

Flow control method of jet spraying ice water





Flow test method of jet spraying ice water





Flow test range of jet spraying ice water





Flow test precision of jet spraying ice water

±1 L/min


±1 L/min


Monitor&control range of jet spraying pressure

0 ~ 400 kPa


0 ~ 400 kPa


Test hole

4 pieces Φ100mm electric joggle/2 pieces Φ19mm water pipe joggle

Equipment noise


Safety protection

Power supply phase sequence protection

Motor overload protection

Flow over limit protection

Water tank lack water protection

Heater electric leakage protection

Heater over temperature/empty heating protection

nPressure over limit protection

Compressor high/low pressure protection

1 Able to process different mediums assemble

2 Load include the max load bearing aluminum blocks

3 Measure at bottom of water tank

4 Able to select more bigger compressor set to shorten the pre-refrigerate time

Equipment size and installation


*  Above picture size for model QS-CWST-400 / QS-CWIT-400


  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench