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Equipment technical specification


Equipment name:

Automatic salt water filling system

Equipment model:


Controlled version:




Generally, most of the solution storage volume of salt spray not bigger, need test staffs frequently brewed test solution to meet test requirements when process continue test. The design original intention of QS-CCT-S1 automatic salt water filling equipment is lighten working volume of test staffs, for the equipment which storage volume up to 500L, the test staffs input the added recipe quality and required solution concentration then the system will automatically fill the corresponding water and evenly stirred the solution though interior circling and motor stirring method. The system will automatically fill the solution which have been evenly stirred to 2 sets target equipment (able to select multiply sets). Additionally, the system also can optionally configure PH test instrument, electric conductive ratio test instrument and other sensors, convenient to test staffs real time monitor the matching solution.


Size W×D×Hmm

1300 × 900 × 2000

Solution box volume (L)


Quantity of equipment which can be supplied

(Optionally configure multiply sets)

Control system


Control mode: automatic+manual

Energy requirements

Power supply

3/N/PE, AC 380V, 50Hz, 3kW

Compressed air

clean, non oil, pressure 6bar, flow 360L/min, joggle Φ10mm, quick plug

Deion water

0.5bar ~ 1bar, flow 5L/min,  joggle Φ10mm, quick plug

Gas discharge


Water discharge

 DN15 PVC pipe

Operating environment

 Temperature 15℃ ~ 35℃, humidity not exceed 85% RH 

Equipment materials

SUS304 stainless steel load bearing type frame structure

Main body adopt anti corrode PP plate, thickness 10mm, process structure strengthen treatment

Solution box body configured transparent observe window and volume surveyor’s rod

Anti corrode PVC pipeline system

Fix type foundation bolts, manufactured by PP materials

Optional accessories

PH test instrument

Electric conductive ratio test instrument

l Water filling circuit of solution box configured50μm filter, avoid the varias enter into

l The solution box designed overflow port, avoid too high liquid level which caused by system happen failure

l Salt water pump absorb port configured filter, avoid the varias damage pump, avoid the varias enter into target equipment

l Installed anti corrode, small range and high precision pressure sensor at bottom of solution box, convert and obtain solution volume through test the pressure of solution box

l Salt water pump is fluorine plastic pneumatic isolate film pump, anti corrode

l All solution circuit electromagnetism valve are directly drive type PVC electromagnetism valve, anti corrode

l The target equipment need additionally install water tank low liquid level switch and high liquid level switch, and lead the signal into automatic water filling system;l Reasonable program design, realize that solution automatically stirring and guarantee the complete and even stirring

l Reasonable program design, realize that solution box automatically washing

Electric control system

PLC+Touch control type

The data of all sensors collected by PLC and indicated on the HMI, include solution box volume, solution PH value, solution electric conductive ratio, etc

All operations are touch screen operating, include running parameters setting (solution concentration, recipe quality, start target equipment, etc), running monitor, running start, manual debugging, users management, alarm records, etc

Main elements

Touch screen: MCGS 10” TouchPanel

PLC controller: Siemens S7-1200

Salt water pump: GOODWE pneumatic isolate film pump QBY3-25 

l HUBA 525  Pressure sensor: HUBA 525 

Purify water valve: Danfoss 032U7120

Purify water filter: Honeywell PFF31H19

PVC electromagnetism valve: Darhor DW51

Safety protection

Power supply electric leakage protection

Stirring motor overload protection

Solution box low liquid level alarm

Gas source low pressure alarm


Operating interface

Main interface (Running interface)


Manual operating interface


Parameter setting interface


Alarm interface


  • Control cabinet assembly line

  • Wiper motor current adjustment equipment

  • EGR temperature sensor reaction time test bench

  • Battery explosion-proof temperature control box

  • E-Motor Power Controller Endurance Test Bench