Classic Automation Vehicle Field

Bellows test bench

Test the performance of the bellows in the fuel system, including: creep test, high temperature pressure alternating test, temperature alternation test, and burst pressure test.

Device parameters
Test media: unleaded gasoline, ethanol gasoline, methanol gasoline
Creep test
Pressure: 680kPa
Time: 0~200h
Temperature: RT~60°C
Alternating test
Pressure: 0~680kPa
Temperature: RT~60°C
Frequency: 0.5Hz (1 million load changes)
Temperature Alternation: -30~ +60°C (680kPa)
Bursting pressure: >2000kPa(RT),
Load curve: sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, etc.

Key technology areas
Explosion-proof and safety
High pressure piping design
High frequency pulsation pressure control
Test process monitoring


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