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Warmly congratulate Acutech (Suzhou) metal products technology Co., Ltd founded

2021/5/11 16:45:13浏览次数:74

To more better service users, meeting more and more higher requirements from users, promote enterprise transition and upgrade, our company (Shanghai Acutech automation test technology Co., Ltd) invest and hold the original Taicang KANGMANYI metal product Co., Ltd in December, 2020, this company now rename as Acutech (Suzhou) metal products technology Co., Ltd founded.

This is one important actions that our company practice at science development, push enterprise reform and apply to market, also be the strategy choice of our company further more realize “Professional, large scale”. Our company owned our own hardware manufacture team after the new company founded, get rid of the inferior strength that controlled by others during manufacture. At the same time, our company still strengthen the the technical power in project department, technical department and production department in new company, establish the solid base to control the supply period of product and improve the product quality.

The new company make that build modern enterprise management system as goal, this will further more deepen enterprise interior reform, improve the core compete power of the enterprise, build deep cooperate relations with many domestic produce type enterprises. The goal is able to quick responding various requirements of users, guarantee quality, then build long term cooperate relationship with users.