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Mechanical Engineers

start-stop times:2018.05-2018.08

Job information
1 has a good mechanical principles, mechanical design experience, familiar with materials and mechanical processing technology, sheet metal design;
2. Independently designed overall drawings and parts drawings of mechanical equipment;
3. Can skillfully apply 2D or 3D drawing software such as AUTOCAD or soliword;
4. Understand the relevant knowledge of electromechanical control;
5. Positive and optimistic, able to work hard, have good teamwork spirit and teamwork ability.

job requirements:
1. Mechanical general drawing design and part drawing design;
2. Mechanical system installation guidance and coordination with electrical engineer system debugging;
3. Non-standard automation industry is preferred;
4. Those who have experience in sheet metal design work are given priority.

Welcome new graduates and interns!
Work address: No. 508, Shunfeng Road, Nanxiang Town, Shanghai