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Electrical Engineer

start-stop times:2018.05-2018.08

description of job:
1. Design and implementation of non-standard electromechanical equipment electrical systems: including electrical solution formulation, component selection, and wiring diagram drawing;
2, control system design and implementation: including the underlying control program preparation, controller selection and parameter configuration;
3, electrical outsourcing part of the supplier evaluation, as well as the outsourcing of part of the technology's introduction and transformation;
4, joint debugging equipment, fault diagnosis and resolution;

job requirements:
1. Ability to design electrical systems based on system requirements
2, familiar with the EPLAN, AUTOCAD and other tools to draw the electrical wiring diagram;
3, familiar with the PLC programming and programming (mainly Siemens series);
4, familiar with the electrical wiring specification, can request, guide, check, review electrical wiring;
5, have non-standard equipment electrical design more than 1 year work experience, in the automotive electronics industry priority;
6, can work hard, have a good team spirit and teamwork and communication skills;