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start-stop times:2018.05-2018.08

Job Responsibilities
1. According to the electrical drawings, install the electrical equipment of the mechatronic equipment. Including: Planning and installation of electrical components, discharge of cable lines, electrical connections, installation of distribution cabinet accessories, etc.;
2. With the electrical engineer, implement on-site maintenance and maintenance of the equipment;
3. Check and diagnose common electrical faults.

job requirements
1. Graduated from technical secondary school or graduated from technical school, majored in electrical engineering, holding an electrician's employment card;
2. One-year electrical equipment installation experience;
3. Ability to read electrical diagrams and accurately implement electrical design;
4 familiar with the national electrical standards, skilled use of professional electrical tools;
5. Good at communication, stability, strong security awareness, teamwork spirit;
6. Non-standard automation equipment manufacturers experience is preferred.