About Us

Shanghai Jiarui Automation Testing Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Jiarui Technology, is a scientific and technological enterprise that pursues the supremacy of quality, pragmatism and innovation, and keeps pace with the times. It was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai in 2019.

Jiarui Technology, formerly known as Shanghai Qingsheng Test Equipment Co., Ltd., has nearly 20 years of experience and technology accumulation in the field of reliability testing. In recent years, the company has increased the research and development investment in reliability test equipment, especially the maturity of controller technology, formed a complete software and hardware and system research and development ability, improved the performance index of traditional standard products, and met the requirements of expanding the technical range of test equipment. Our equipment has obvious effect in energy saving, the means of data acquisition and analysis are various, and the interconnection between the equipment is more convenient, so it not only improves the efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces the operating cost of the equipment.

At present, the company has three core businesses:

One Provide customers with the production, sales and service of weather resistance testing and environmental testing equipment with international advanced technical standards;

Two Committed to providing customers with customized non-standard equipment and flexible system solutions, so as to help customers solve all kinds of problems encountered in the production process and testing process, and help customers improve product quality and production efficiency;

Three We have leading technical advantages in the field of testing of new energy vehicle parts, whether it is technical consultation, scheme design or equipment manufacturing, debugging, etc., we can provide customers with a full range of services to achieve one-stop turnkey project.